Professional Assistance Needed During A Collaborative Divorce Process

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The collaborative process in dealing with family issues such as divorce helps couples fix their problems between themselves before turning into the hands of the court. It provides them a chance to work out their disputes peacefully. This process is beneficial for the family, especially the children who will mostly live with the effects of the divorce.


The collaborative process provides an environment for both parties where they can openly express their thoughts about the whole situation to create a connection or a middle position where they could meet. It aims to accomplish understanding and perhaps negotiations successfully.

During the process, the help of particular professionals is vital in coming up with a smooth divorce. They provide assistance, recommendations, and proposals which will help the case or both parties to come to terms.

Professional Assistance For Collaborative Divorce Process:

Financial Planner

A financial planner is a person to assist with the division of the marital estate, including assets or liabilities. He provides professional advice and recommendations on how to equitably divide or even dispose of the estate to benefit both parties, and it includes bank savings, investments, and retirement accounts. Money is a complicated matter. It may seem awkward or embarrassing to talk about it as pursuing it may have an implication. However, it is part of the marriage and life after it; therefore, it is vital to settle, and seeking the help of a financial planner is a must.

Real Estate Broker


Real estate broker is imperative when there is a real estate property involved. He is responsible for appraising and disposing of the real estate to come up with a concrete figure to distribute the proceedings fairly. Often, couples deal with difficulties with regards to deciding who has the right to acquire a particular property, and they couldn’t settle on their own that’s why the help of a real estate broker is a must to make both parties understand and accept the terms about their real estate properties.


Divorce affects mental health as it creates fear, confusion, and hesitation about the separation. It is a complicated process that everyone in the family must go through especially for the children. They have to go through something no child would wish to have – a broken family. They may not understand why their parents would allow them to experience such a life-wrecking situation. For this reason, the assistance of a child psychologist is imperative to aid the children or all family members to have a positive perspective on the separation. The psychologist may recommend therapy or counseling to ascertain that every member will come out emotionally and mentally okay and ready to move forward.

Parenting Coordinator

Parenting coordinator helps in discussing co-parenting issues. Since the couples would be living separately, there is a concern of when and where the kids will be spending the time. He is responsible for helping to create an agreeable parenting plan including financial matters and other parenting obligations. Having a parenting coordinator ensures that the divorce would not be affecting how couples take care of their children because often, during a divorce, both parties would make decisions based on their terms. It starts a conflict as no one wants to give way. With the help of a parenting coordinator, they will come up with an arrangement that is agreeable to both parties. The most important thing is they need to agree and follow.


Divorce is a tedious process for both parties including the children. It exposes every family member to emotional and mental exhaustion. Many questions arise, and everyone needs to prepare for a significant adjustment. A collaborative process aims to assist couples to go through the process of divorce smoothly. However, if both parties do not end up agreeing to the terms established during the collaborative process, they will have to go through the whole thing again in the court without the right to use anything discussed during the collaborative process against the other party. It is imperative that all issues be resolved during the process to avoid wasting both time and resources.

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