2014 Washington Divorce Statistics: Your Marriage Is At Risk

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Source: pixabay.com

As per the American Psychological Association, about 40 to 50% of marriages end up in divorce. Many factors contribute to the destruction of marriage, but couples forget the vows they make, “Until death do us part.” The 2014 Washington Divorce Statistics show how many couples undergo the painful process of divorce. However, three warning signs may mean it’s time to get help.

3 Warning Signs That Your Marriage Is At Risk Of Divorce:


You Are Unhappy


The primary reason why we get married is that of love, and we know it is love when we feel happy with someone. Although it is normal to have disagreements, happy couples find a way to turn things right. Anger and sadness do not linger.


You Are Living Under The Same Roof


Marriage is about uniting two people. When you literally live under the same roof without being bothered by the existence of another, it might mean less affection toward your spouse. It is not okay to not think about each other’s welfare.


You Notice A Change In Behavior


Change is normal, and it could mean growth. However, if it causes the behavior to be unpleasant towards another, then it could imply there is a change in feelings as well. There is an underlying problem which may result in divorce if not addressed appropriately.


Source: pixabay.com


Every marriage faces difficulties, and it is essential that both parties are mindful of the things necessary for a healthy relationship such as communication and intimacy. The cause of divorce starts from a small misunderstanding that goes unresolved, and the negative emotions pile up due to being ignored, thinking they will all vanish in time, but that’s not how marriage works. Both parties should make an effort in building and protecting their relationship.

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