Should I tell my wife I am having an affair?

by Sara Donohue

It depends. My first reaction is a resounding NO unless you know she has the goods on you.  Even Ann Landers supports my position. Ask yourself why is it I want to share this information with my spouse? Is it really going to help if I want to remain with my wife and work on our relationship? Is it really going to help the situation if we move forward with a divorce? Or is it is really that I am so racked with guilt I have to share this to feel better about myself.  Bingo.

 Let’s absolutely destroy your wife’s world so you can feel better about yourself. Not a good reason. Now if you find yourself in divorce litigation and the question is asked you have to come clean but otherwise DON’T. Sometimes less is more.  Heed this advice.

PS This is the same advice I would give to a wife if she is having an affair on her husband.

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Q: What is Collaborative Divorce?
A: Collaborative Divorce is a process for separating or divorcing parties to justly and equitably resolve their differences that avoids the necessity of going to court.

Q: How do I get started?
A: Select an attorney from the list of participating and trained attorneys. She or he will discuss...

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