Steven Gaba

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Steven J. Gaba, Attorney and Counselor at Law

200A Monroe Street, #200
Rockville, MD 20850-4437

Phone: (301) 738-7770
Fax: (301) 738-7771

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Steven Gaba provides comprehensive divorce representation. He understands the emotional and financial issues associated with child custody, support and other related matters. Steven have devoted nearly 25 years of his career to helping Montgomery County community members pursue and obtain creative resolutions to their complex issues. His goal is to prevent costly, stressful litigation through a collaborative law approach.

As a dedicated Rockville attorney, Steven is often appointed by the courts to represent children in contentious custody litigation. His extensive trial and litigation experience enables him to anticipate how county judges may handle clients' cases. He also takes time to get to know his clients and tailor his representation to each client's specific situation.





Q: What is Collaborative Divorce?
A: Collaborative Divorce is a process for separating or divorcing parties to justly and equitably resolve their differences that avoids the necessity of going to court.

Q: How do I get started?
A: Select an attorney from the list of participating and trained attorneys. She or he will discuss...

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